January 2019 Protocol

Summary of KMA Board Meeting

Monday night, January 7, 2019

Attending: Jeff Gross (filled in as Chair), Beth, Brian, Rachel and Gadi

Absent: Alexis, Dovy and Rabbi Kleiner

Alexis was not able to attend the meeting but sent the Board a Word document with her thoughts about planning for Purim and regarding KMA’s professional needs.

With this in the background, Jeff led the meeting to discuss both topics.

As for Purim, Jeff noted that the Rabbi will not be in attendance as his daughter is getting married. David Golinkin will oversee the tefilla and Megila reading. It was noted that this is an opportunity to reach out to non-members who join us for the Megila reading. Discussion ensued about possible programing (per Alexis’ note) with the matter being left open for further discussion.

Regarding professional needs, also following Alexis’ note, KMA needs to prepare for Bella’s eventual retirement. Her retirement and the renewal of the Rabbi’s contract will occur at roughly the same time, providing KMA an opportunity to assess its professional needs, which also encompass the pre-school. After some brainstorming, it was decided to focus for now on mapping out Bella’s duties. Brian volunteered to speak with Bella and prepare a document that Beth will turn into an Excel spreadsheet to share with the Board.

Brian gave an update about Shabbaton registration (February 22-23 at the Ein Gedi Field School).  About 22 family units have either signed up will be signing up. He noted that Jac Friedgut had raised approximately NIS 15,000 to subsidize the cost of the Shabbaton to the members (to allow each family unit to pay NIS 600 per room) – and that between the members’ payment and the sum Jac raised, the event will cover its own expenses. Jeff asked to make sure that we have priority in use of the Beit Knesset and the Sefer Torah and Brian sent out an email to Anita Cooper (who is interfacing with the Field School) to follow up on this.

Brian had to leave the meeting at 9pm.

Summary by Brian