Moreshet Avraham Kindergarten Jerusalem

Kehilat Moreshet Avraham Kindergarten welcomes a group of some thirty children, ranging in age from two to four.  Every day, there are 4-5 staffers in the kindergarten, allowing for personal and close contact with the children throughout the day.

The kindergarten’s pedagogy is based on a belief in a meaningful and value-oriented education taking place within the community and interacting with it. The children’s frames of reference include: the educational staff, the children’s families, the community, and the values-oriented educational umbrella provided by the Tali (Enhanced Jewish Studies) system. Despite its heterogeneous structure, namely religious and secular families, an educational staff comprising men and women from various backgrounds, a Masorti community, and a pluralistic approach to Judaism, this structure creates a harmonious bridge among its various components. The educational practices combine an officially authorized curriculum, based on a Jewish time line (morning prayers, Kabbalat Shabbat and Havdalah, Rosh Hodesh and Jewish holidays), with a spontaneous curriculum, created by the children themselves.  This blend of authorized and spontaneous generates a third alternative, namely a space in which we are all connected.

As the KMA Kindergarten director for the last sixteen years, Ofra Ma’Or is responsible for all the components of the pedagogical and personal space within the kindergarten. She believes in developing a community and instilling the children with shared values, meaningful experiences and an intimate connection between the teaching staff and the children. She believes in building a home and a place in which every child has their own personal space for growth and development.

For more information and registration, please call the KMA office at 02-673-7183 or by email at


Tefillot Yeladim

Ages 2-7

This spirited service every Shabbat morning at Kehilat Moreshet Avraham is a prayer experience that combines tefillot and songs with stories, movement and games. A special Siddur designed for this age group is used. Children join the conclusion of the main service to sing “Adom Olam” and “Shir Hakavod.”

Tefillot are at 10:15 Shabbat morning upstairs in the gan classroom on the left.

Ages 8-12

This service, held every Shabbat morning, is designed for children to actively participate in following and leading the service. Discussions and games are part of the experience that educate the children about Parshat Hashavuah, specific tefillot, holiday customs and much more empowering them to become comfortable with participating in synagogue life.

Tefillot are at 10:00 Shabbat morning in the Beit Midrash.


NOAM Youth

NOAM is the youth movement (ages 8 – 18) of the Israeli Masorti/Conservative Movement. NOAM offers a social framework with informal educational activities that nurture youth involvement and leadership in the Conservative Movement and Israeli society.

NOAM’s guiding principles are: ·

  • Torah study and observance respecting tradition while including contemporary customs·
  • Tikkun Olam: Helping others, tolerance, mutual respect and pursing peace·
  • Love of Israel: developing the land and society of Israel, service to the country·
  • Pluralism and Democracy·
  • FUN!

Kehilat Moreshet Avraham is home to the Talpiot Mizrach chapter of NOAM (snif Talpaz). Children from the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods meet every week at KMA on Tuesday afternoons from 17:00 – 18:30 for activities. NOAMists also take part in the national NOAM activities – shabbatonim, tiyul Pesach, tiyul Sukkot and summer camp. To join NOAM and for more information, please contact Netanel at 055-664-1437 or and visit the NOAM website