KMA Board Protocol

Summary of KMA Board Meeting
From 21.8.18
Present: Alexis (Chair), Beth, Brian, Jeff, Dovi, Gadi and Rabbi Kleiner
Absent: Rachel

Alexis: Reported on the meeting with Tammy from the Movement, together with Brian, to learn about ways to improve the Board’s communication with the community via the Internet, flyers, etc. Tammy is at the disposal of the Board as a graphic designer and consultant as needed.

Dovi: Presented a platform for community programs for the coming year. In the course of the discussion, the issue of the connection between the Board and Ofra/pre-school arose. It was clarified that the contact between the Board and the Ofra/pre-school is via Gadi, and that he must urge Ofra to keep him informed about the activities of the pre-school. The issue arose when it became clear that, without coordinating with the Board, a parent meeting of the pre-school was scheduled, at a time when the Rabbi could not attend. Since all the pre-school email is sent via Bella, it was suggested that Bella should be instructed to add Gadi to the pre-school email list.

The discussion of the year’s programs continued for the rest of the evening. Dovi was asked to send the program details by email after the meeting, which he did.

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