KMA December 2018 Protocol

Summary of KMA Board Meeting
Tuesday night, December 11, 2018, 20:00

Present: Alexis, Beth, Brian, Jeff, Dovy, Gadi, Rabbi Kleiner. Rachel joined in at 21:15.

Guest: Eitan Cooper

The meeting was devoted to the change in policy regarding kiddushim and announcements relating to them, especially when a Kiddush is being given in honor of a marriage not halachically recognized. This agenda was set at last month’s meeting.

As decided in last month’s meeting, Jeff worked out a proposed change to the policy, which would come as a continuation of the current paragraph 7 of the current policy (and appear also in the summary of the policy). The addition states:

Taking into account all of the above:
a. KMA members may sponsor Kiddush for any family life cycle event they wish to celebrate or commemorate.
b. The reason for their sponsoring of the Kiddush may be included in the weekly announcements send out by e-mail, the printed weekly announcements, as well as the announcements at the end of Tfilot.
c. Private events of KMA members held within the facilities of KMA in a private setting are not included in this policy.

Eitan said that people should be able to sponsor a Kiddush for any reason they wanted, and that the proposed change is fully acceptable to him. He thanked the Board for its willingness to make the change.

The Board voted unanimously (Rachel was absent at the time of the vote) to approve the change.

Discussion followed. In consideration of the Rabbi’s comments, the Board discussed how to clarify a distinction between a privately given Kiddush in honor of any event and between a KMA sponsored Kiddush limited to halachically recognized life cycle events. The Board approved an addition to the above amendment, sub-paragraph d., which will state (subject to editing changes) as follows:
d. A Kiddush sponsored by KMA may honor life cycle events in keeping with the above halachic approach.

The Board discussed some organizational changes to the policy document that would enhance its clarity. These were approved by the Board, and Beth will make the changes as agreed upon and send the amended and edited document to the Board.

The Board officially ended the meeting at 22:00, however discussion continued regarding the budget and expenses, based on documentation provided by Beth. In principle, KMA is in good financial condition, even though there has been a drop in membership and membership dues. It was noted in discussion that Ofra has asked for another pay raise.

Alexis mentioned the need to begin preparing for Bella’s eventual retirement, including a mapping of her duties, and how the pre-school will be managed.

Summary by Brian Negin