Bayit Cham

Started in 2000, Bayit Cham is a once a week, after-school program for underprivileged children in the East Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem. Since then, approximately 400 children have attended. Many of the children are from immigrant families from Ethiopia, Latin and South America, and the Former Soviet Union.  Some are from single parent families or families who have been the victims of terror.  The children are referred to the program by school principals and social workers.

When the children arrive at KMA, they are provided with a hot meal, tutoring, and social activities.  They are also provided with transportation to and from KMA.  In addition, the program also provides scholarships for the Ramah Israel Day Camp for the four week summer session.  Bayit Cham is directed by Rachel Leor, a former educator and school principal.  The staff consists of volunteers from KMA and the neighborhood who help the children with their homework and give extra help in Hebrew to children immigrants, as well as extra hugs and encouragement and also some paid professionals (a psychologist, a social worker and a coach) who instruct the volunteers.

Program takes place one day a week from 13:30 till 16:30 throughout the school year.  In July, the children are enrolled for four weeks at the Ramah Day Camp at a full scholarship (including breakfast and a hot lunch).

This year we face difficulties to raise donations for the Ramah Day Camp,   which is vital, because this is the time of school vacation and it is very important that the children have daily activities to keep them out of the streets.

The program is financed by the following organizations and people:

Keren Rachel and Chaim Alexander
Glen Ladau and members of KMA

Please help us with this important program for the benefit of the children and their families.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Leor
Program Coordinator